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Seeds of Empathy Bucket Hat

Seeds of Empathy Bucket Hat

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Seeds of Empathy Bucket Hat: Inspired by Octavia E. Butler's Parable of the Sower

Why Parable of the Sower?
Butler's seminal work explores themes of survival, community, and the power of belief. It introduces us to Lauren Olamina, a young woman with the gift of hyperempathy, who navigates a dystopian world while planting the seeds of a new spiritual movement: Earthseed. This movement teaches us that "God is Change," and it emphasizes adaptability, mutual support, and the collective power to shape our destiny.

At Pour Into It Media, we believe in the power of storytelling to inspire and transform. The Seeds of Empathy Bucket Hat is part of our Project Deconstruction series, where we delve into the religious and spiritual journeys that shape our humanity. This series is about breaking down complex narratives and rebuilding them in ways that resonate deeply with our contemporary lives.

We invite you to wear this hat as a badge of honor, a symbol of your commitment to empathy and change, and a beacon of hope in turbulent times. Together, let's cultivate a future where empathy blossoms and communities thrive.

• 100% cotton twill
• 3 ¾″ (7.6 cm) crown
• 2 ¼″ (5.1 cm) brim
• One size fits most
• Sewn eyelets for breathability

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