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Deconstructing and Healing T Shirt

Deconstructing and Healing T Shirt

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Church attendance throughout the years has been declining, and while the COVID 19 pandemic accelerated the decline, in 2023 more people are turning away from religion. Our younger generation is leaving the church because of the difference in political and social issues, and values that are not aligned. People are leaving because of the abuse, mistreatment, and harm they’ve experienced in church.

•This shirt is for the people who made the difficult decision of leaving the church they grew up in.
•This shirt is for the people who recognize that the faith of their parents is not their own.
•This shirt is for the people who are actively leaning into a new religion or new spiritual beliefs.
•This shirt is for everyone who is working to navigate the spiritual gray, and figure out what they believe in.

Check out Project Deconstruction, our web series where we hear people’s story of faith (or the lack of) and their relationship with the church. You can learn about how you can get involved and share your story here.

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