Our Journey + Intention

Project Deconstruction is a web series that critically examines religion and spirituality through an intersectional lens in order to encourage exploratory conversations around traditional and non traditional faith based practices. 

Our Goals

 Project Deconstruction has three goals; to give space to individuals who may be in the process of deconstructing what their beliefs are, or in the process of discovering a belief system that resonates with them, to explore how culture and society can influence our beliefs, and to have open conversations about places of worship that folks are familiar with.

Take A Step Into Our Confessional

Project (De)construction was created to make space for people who are exploring and navigating their own religious and spiritual journeys. Even if you’re not a religious or spiritual person, we still want to hear from you.  You can share with us why you left the church, why you stay in church, what influenced your deconstruction journey, why you’re an atheist, why you converted, your fondest memories of being in church, your challenges with being in the church, or just talk about what navigating the spiritual gray looks like for you. There’s value in all perspectives, and there are always people out there who can find themselves in your story.

The stories shared with us will be shared to our YouTube page, and to our social media. We will not share your name, picture, phone number, or email address. 

You can text us or leave us a voicemail at (773) 747 - 4854. 

You can send us an email at

Either way, we would love to have you.